Gary Bernier

International Award Winning Speaker, Whiskey Sommelier, Marketer

Happy Happy, Joy, Joy

Self-professed asshole without a filter is how Bob Camp, one of my idols, describes himself. My kind of people because I’m a bit of an asshole too. Some say you should never meet your idols. I prefer to say, “Recognize your idols are ordinary people who’ve done extraordinary things.” He created the animated TV show […]

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My Journey To Becoming a Wizard of Ads Partner

The years just collapsed away. The clock had marched forward, but the friendship had not changed. Instead, the stories flowed like a babbling brook accented with mutual laughter. The person responsible for me becoming a Wizard of Ads™ Partner reconnected after twenty years at BarChef.  I hired Dharmesh at the age of nineteen, straight out of high school to be

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